Criteria and Issues of an OHSAS System

A systematic, documented verification process of objectively obtaining and evaluating audit evidence events, condition or information about these matters, conform to audit criteria, and communicating ate results of this process to the client. In executing and OHSAS – audit, one should always keep in mind that the basic questions that should be answered are:

Is the OHSAS complete?

Does it contain all the necessary elements? Answering this question is clearer if the organisation use an OHSAS standard as a reference. Then the elements, which should be there, are described very clearly. Checks may need to cover:

OHSAS policy
OHSAS programme
Organisational structure, tasks, responsibilities, authorities
Internal and external communications
Procedures, instructions
Training and competence
Measuring and recording
Corrective mechanisms
OHSAS auditing and management review processes
Emergency procedures and plans.
Questions relating to OHSAS 18001 policy could then e.g. be:

Has the OHSAS policy been established in writing?
Has it been communicated to all employees?
Is it appropriate to the nature, scale and OHSAS impacts of the activities, products and services
Does it include a commitment to continual improvement of the OHSAS performance and to prevention of pollution?
Is it the right OHSAS 18001 for the activities involved?

This involves checking whether the OHSAS elements have been properly tailored to the nature and the complexity of the organisation’s activities, and to the OHSAS aspects and impacts that are linked to them.

For this criterion it will be necessary to check issues such as:

Local situation of the company
Air, water emissions and discharges
Soil pollution
Handling and storage of raw materials, chemicals and hazardous substance
Collection and disposal of wastes
Technical OHSAS provisions
Process performance and management
OHSAS risks
Maintenance aspects.
Is it implemented well?

The auditor should check whether the system has really been implemented at all levels and activities in the organisation. Also this check will have to done by sampling. Checks may include:

Availability and implementations of procedures
Training records
Availability of records and measurements reports
Whether the OHSAS policy has been communicated to all employees.
Is it suitable for fulfilling the OHSAS 18001 policy and objectives of the organisation?

One can have a complete system, it can be tailored well to the nature and the complexity at hand, it can be implemented well, and still it may not be sufficient to fulfill the organisation’s OHSAS 18001 policy and objectives. Therefore the audit should also take into account checking the real OHSAS performance achieved with the system against the policy and objectives. Checks may include:

Checking measurements of emissions and discharges against objectives.
Checking specific provisions in licenses and regulations for compliance
The OHSAS 18001 system has to be implemented with planned approach and target dates have to be fixed for smooth installation of ISO: 14001. The general steps listed below have to be planned with target dates for OHSAS installation:

Conduct OHSAS: 18001-awareness program (top + middle + bottom level).
Form a steering committee and task force for documentation
Identification of All Possible OHSAS Aspects to the company.
Brainstorming On Impacts of All Possible Aspects. Identification of Most Significant Aspects.
Define OHSAS Policy, Objectives and Targets.
Prepare documents of OHSAS management system, Records, Legal Requirements.
Train all for OHSAS Policy and for achieving Objectives & Targets.
Communication to all including Suppliers and Interested parties.
Implementation & train all personnel in the use of procedures & formats.
Reparation and Implementation of OHSAS programme.
Train internal auditors.
Assess the system through first internal audit.
Take corrective actions for non-conformities.
Apply for certification.
Assess the system through second round of internal audit.
Avail onsite document adequacy of certifying body.
Take actions on suggestions given by them.
Final audit by certifying body.
The occupational health and safety system as per ohsas 18001 standard which guides user for control risk in the organization. The iso 9001:2008 standard documents helps user for implement best quality management system within the organization.

New Vishay -80V Automotive Grade MOSFET is released by New Yorker Electronics

NORTHVALE, New Jersey, USA – New Yorker Electronics has announced its distribution of the new Vishay Siliconix AEC-Q101-qualified P-Channel -80V TrenchFET® MOSFET offering an industry-low maximum on-resistance of 17.3mΩ at 10V in the compact 5.13mm by 6.15mm PowerPAK SO-8L single package with gullwing leads.

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The gullwing leads allow for increased automatic optical inspection (AOI) capabilities and provide mechanical stress relief for increased board-level reliability. These features make the Vishay P-Channel MOSFET ideal in applications for reverse polarity protection, battery management, high side load switching and LED lighting in automobiles.

Features & Benefits:

Gate charge down to 52 nC at 10 V reduces losses from gate driving
Compact 5.13 mm by 6.15 mm PowerPAK® SO-8L single package with gullwing leads
High temperature operation to +175°C provides ruggedness and reliability
Gullwing leads increase board-level reliability
Lead (Pb)-free, halogen-free, and RoHS-compliant
100 % Rg and UIS tested

Reverse Polarity Protection
Battery Management
High Side Load Switching
LED Lighting in Automobiles
As a franchise distributor, New Yorker Electronics supplies Vishay Siliconix power semiconductor products including low-voltage power MOSFETs (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors), higher-voltage Vishay Siliconix power MOSFETs and Power ICs.

Business Process Automation: Benefits and importance

There are many recurring business processes or tasks that need to get automated by utilizing technology, which is termed business process automation. Business operation includes various tasks, which are to be performed frequently without any error. Hence, businesses opt to make these processes automated to decrease the time and manual workforce.

Various applications and software fall under the business process automation domain. You can easily utilize them by identifying an appropriate tool that suits your requirements. Moreover, BPA helps companies to shift their traditional data management to more improved and innovative software systems and programs to integrate all the required applications.

So, in this article, we will be mentioning different aspects, need, and software related to business process automation.

Importance of business process automation
There are various reasons to utilize business process automation tools or software that totally depend on the company to the company. But here we are writing down few points to show how important the business automation process is:

1. It gives a clear picture to make different strategies
Business process automation assists in giving a clear picture of various processes and also helps in process mapping which also acts as a training resource. Additionally, they also help in giving better insights about the business to plan out and implement different strategies. By implementing different software a company can get proper knowledge about employees’ performance, accuracy in tasks, and others.

2. It helps in converting certain manual process into an automated process
In the present scenario, where everything is getting digital, automation in business is very important. There are more chances of errors in working out a business process manually than an automated one. Additionally, you can easily incorporate efficient software to do one task that needs more workforces.

3. It helps in streamlining different business processes
It is among the major and common reasons to think about business process automation. By selecting the automation process, you can easily streamline various business processes, which were hectic to do manually. Moreover, the automation software or application offers customizable notifications and quick turnaround times to assist in making it easier to cut down all the wasteful activities and enhances tasks that add value.

Some popular BPA software that is available in the market
There is various BPA software available in the market. But we are mentioning down a few of the top software for BPA.

1. IBM Cloud Pak
This software helps a user to develop, create and operate automation applications & services on any cloud, by utilizing all the pre-integrated automation technologies & low-code tools. Further, IBM Cloud Pak is the new deployment alternative for the IBM automation platform for various digital businesses.

2. Zoho Creator
It is one of the low-code application development platforms which helps in developing enterprise-class applications which can operate on the web, mobile, and tablet. In addition, Zoho Creator helps customers to make custom forms, build pages, configure workflows, and deploy apps faster. It has different tools to design customized workflows.

3. Creatio Studio
They give the best power and a learning curve. There are a significant number of users who do not have technical knowledge but can easily use it. It also offers a free version of Creatio Studio that works for business process modeling that enables teams to design workflows in integrated settings.

Advantages of business process automation
There are many benefits a company gets by using BPA software, however, we are writing down some of the common benefits of them.

Cut down the cost and time taken by optimizing the same recurring task which is manually done by humans in more time and money.
It helps in improving the efficiency of the company as it fully reduces errors made by humans.
By using these tools, you can enhance customer satisfaction by doing error-free tasks.
It assists in better monitoring various business processes.
These tools and applications assist in taking better decisions by providing accurate insights and performance data.
To sum up
Business process automation refers to the usage of technology to make automatize the regular and recurring tasks in a company. Further, it streamlines various business processes to give better outcomes. It helps the firm to reduce errors, cost, and time taken to do a task

Factors like the incorporation of AI and ML technologies, the increasing need for optimized resource usage through automated business processes, and low cost & better document management are propelling the growth of the global business process automation market. Though, factors like the constant rise in cyber-attacks and security problems are restricting the growth of the market.